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A Carriage Horse Died From Exhaustion At The Side Of The Road

Charlot was a carriage horse whose body collapsed at the side of the road from exhaustion after giving rides to passengers. He was standing on the cobblestone coughing and gasping for air and after a few minutes he collapsed and fell to the ground.

Passers-by were very concerned and called SPCA officers for help but unfortunately, it was too late.

Charlot had passed away on the side of the road before SPCA officers were able to help.
Collapsed horse

The Canadian city had announced plans to ban the carriages back in the summer, which should come into play in December 2019 due to multiple cases of animal welfare violations.

“It’s good that there is going to be a ban in a year, but in the meantime, nobody is protecting the horses and the laws are not being enforced.”

Chris Romanyk is the resident who lives in the apartment building where Charlot collapsed, he has been especially affected by the incident.

“Even in our apartment, you heard the horse crying, It was gut-wrenching. It was screaming in pain. It is really hard to actually describe. It was really an upsetting sound.”

Right now its hard to keep track of welfare concerns in the industry, this is because owners change the horses’ names every day to make it harder for advocacy groups to keep an eye on them.

The city’s mayor had also noticed the incident and says that the tragedy has confirmed the dire need for the industry to be shut down.

On top of the risks to the horses whilst out working the conditions they are kept in whilst they are off duty are extremely unpleasant.
Living conditions

The SPCA says the most of the horses who can no longer pull carriages are either sent to auction or to slaughter. If not, stress is always there to kill them just like it killed poor Charlot.

Colalillo and other animal advocates are tirelessly raising awareness for the horses until the ban is finalized.