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11 Horses Dead And 16 Rescued In North Missouri

Staff who work for the Missouri Humane Society were shocked and disgusted when they found 11 horses dead and 16 other horses in a seriously bad condition, on a property in Harrison Country.  

The organization said in the news release that the Harrison Country Sheriff office contacted the Missouri Humane Society after visiting the property earlier this week.

The Sheriffs told them that they had also found 11 horses dead and a further 16 decaying in awful conditions.

The horses were left with no food and no care and were slowly rotting away in poor conditions

The horses were a variety of ages ranging from foals to around 12 years old, living on a 16-acre property that offered no vegetation for them at all.

When the Missouri Humane Society found the horses, one had to be euthanized given the extremely bad condition that the horse was left in.

The owner gave up 16 of the horses which will now receive intensive care before making a full recovery, however, she kept three other horses after agreeing to provide them with the correct care and a good amount of feed.

It’s still unclear whether the owner will be charged.

The horses that were rescued will eventually be put up for adoption but will likely require lengthy treatment before they are back to full health and ready for a new and loving family.