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Top 10 Tips On Caring For Your Horse In The Winter

It’s so important that we get winter care for our horses, spot on. They rely on us to keep them warm and comfortable in the coming winter months, so here are some care tips for your horse: 

  • For every degree below 18 degrees Fahrenheit, you should give your horse an additional 1% in energy from their diet. 
  • You should give your horse 12 gallons of water per day, this is for most 1,000 pound mature horses.
  • Your horse should get around 1 to 2 ounces of salt per day.
  • Your horse should be exercised as often as possible and cooled down correctly.
  • Pick your horses hooves daily.
  • Blanket your horse when necessary.
  • Make sure your horse has access to shelter.
  • Use sand or salt to help the ice melt.
  • Remove as much snow and ice as you can, from your horse’s paddock.
  • Always make sure there is good ventilation in your horse’s paddock. 

Check out ‘This Is Esme’ and her Winter Stable Morning Routine: