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The Story of Dusty & Remi

When I was growing up all I ever wanted was a horse, I wanted to have something of my own.

My brother was a star baseball player that always got my parents attention and money, while I sat and watched. One day my moms friend decided to buy two horses off of HorseClicks as babies. They both worked full time jobs and didn’t have time for the horses but they knew they didn't want to sell them.

They knew I loved horses and needed something to do, so I went out there and got some lessons. A couple of years passed and I had been riding awhile, but only one of the horses, named Dusty. I had to lead the other one around as she was unridable. 

One day I had been dropped off on my birthday for a trail ride. Whilst on the trail ride my special horse, Dusty, dropped down and had a heart attack. We were in the middle of nowhere and I was alone. I will never forget that day.

Remi, the other horse was unrideable and nobody could get near her. But she was Dusty's buddy and they stuck together and now Dusty was gone. She called out for him a lot.

One day I was dropping by and I decided to go up to her stall... She was fine. I eventually started to work with her while nobody knew and we learned together because I had no idea what I was doing.

Now it’s about 2 years later and remi is 9. She is my barrel horse that I do everything with. She is very attached to me and I can ask her to do anything. Although I went through a lot and I didn’t think I was going ride for awhile because of my horses passing, I have reason to believe he got me here, he’s my heart horse and he did this for me. He led me to were I am now, he’s the horse that started it all. I have him to thank for my barrel racing career and my baby girl Remi.


By Jessie Yarmer