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It was a beautiful day here on the ranch and as I sit here at my desk this evening my mind is racing with a list of things to do before the hurricane begins to pummel the North and South Carolina coast.

It seems that I go through this year after year and I have developed theories and practices that I put to use each time. My opinion and advice has not been asked for, but that never stops me from giving it, so here I go.

First let me say that I am so lucky to have acres and acres of pasture land here. My approach to horse care has always been from a natural standpoint. Horses in the wild have instincts and reactions that have helped them to survive all types of weather for centuries without the help of of humans. I have a beautiful barn here on the property and during the hurricane not a single horse will be in it. All my horses will be free to find shelter if they want it or just keep grazing through the storm.

A frightened horse that is free to run is safer than a panic stricken horse trapped in a stall. Also, if the barn should become damaged, the horse can be injured or killed by a collapsing roof or a tree falling onto the building. If a horse has to be indoors during a storm with such high winds, do not shut all the doors of the barn.This can create more damage than letting the wind enter and exit the structure. The horse will feel more secure if it can see outside. During the worst of the weather give unlimited hay but do not feed grain. A nervous horse is more prone to colic.

Thank you for reading my article. I hope you found it interesting and helpful. To all of you in the Carolinas, Be careful out there and stay safe.

Christine Ponte
Ranch Owner
Published on 06-09-2019
My name is Christine and I own and operate Legacy Ranch, an equine rescue facility in Green Sea, SC. I am dedicated to undoing the damage done to these wonderful animals and giving them a second chance to be loved and cared for properly. I have many stories to tell about rescues that passed through my gates. Many success stories will warm your heart, and some of the failures will make your heartache. I am looking forward to being a contributor to this site, and through my articles, raise awareness about the neglect and cruelty that happens in the horse world.