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What kind of horse do you have? 

Do you have the one that takes advantage of you all the time? That looks for your weaknesses and exposes them at any chance they get? Freaks out at the slightest changes, sometimes you don't even know why and either does anyone else. Bucks or rears for no reason. Spooks at the air. Hears noises no one else hears?

Or do you have the one that will try to help you even when you ask them to do something with the wrong rein or the wrong leg. The one you get on and cross your reins by accident and he just stands there waiting for you to figure it out. The one in the crossties that won't walk forward when you pull on him but the crossties are still hookedup. The one that patiently waits for you to learn how to ride and give him the correct aids. The one that stands patiently while you try to get on and off, kicking him as you do it, but he never moves. 

This second type of horse will save you in time, the other type of horse will try to kill you in time. The second horse will make the effort to get you and him out of trouble. The first horse will take you off the cliff, and you may never know why. 

So when you go to ride your horse next time. 
Ask yourself, will he make the effort? 
Then you decide if he is worth your effort. 
All the horses in this picture, will make the effort.
Gaye DeRusso
Published on 02-10-2019
Gaye is a lifelong equestrian of varying disciplines, Gaye DeRusso moved from her home on the east coast and moved to the west coast in 2000. She previously had shown and trained in the Hunter/Jumper Discipline before going back to school to become an Orthopedic Physician Assistant. She became interested in Gaited horses after moving to California and realizing how spectacular they were to ride on the trail. With their calm temperaments and smooth gaits, they won her over. She enjoys helping others to improve their horse's gaits and also teaches Gaited horses to canter. She is a great problem solver and has a unique ability to convey knowledge to others.