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Cowboys Do Wear Ties

“The kind of tie he wears is a sign of the man he is.”

What a weird unnecessary thing to say. Yet there is certain truthfulness to the comment.

Of course, majority of men don’t wear ties, at least not very often. Some never wear a tie and wouldn’t think of it.

Something about having a tie on gives a man a professional even an official look. Apparently not as common anymore, teachers used to generally wear ties. It made them head of the class, more respected, receiving the attention expected and deserved.

Generally men in leadership positions sport a four-in-hand tie obviously the colored cloth piece intertwined in a four-in-hand knot. Broad end of the tie around the neck crosses over the narrow end forming a knot tightened under the collar.

A few men always wear bow ties presenting their unique yet defining role.

Interesting as an elementary student and yet today more than a half-century later evaluating four-in-hand ties and wide variations thereof.  Seems nowadays most men hand-manipulate their own ties, but through the ages there were “fake ties,” often referred as “clip-ons.”

Requirement of new job a decade ago was wearing a tie to be a respected marketing consultant. It’s become distinctive identity to always have a tie on to present one’s best side to a potential client.

The image has carried over into horse activities never going to judge a show without a tie in place. Now, a four-in-hand tie is always worn when competing in the horseshow performance classes, removed when racing time arrives.

Real cowboys do wear four-in-hand ties too, and have for many years. It is fun looking at pictures of bronc riders early last century wearing four-in-hand ties and spurring wildly. Check certain rodeos today and there’ll be cowboys with such neat ties as well.

Offensive however are the ties worn in silver screen movies. Working cowboys likely never wore a string bow tie or a bolo tie. Yet, tied colorful scarves were not and are not completely uncommon cowboy neckwear.

However, if anything, generally a cowboy’s red bandana tied around the neck serves multiple useful purposes and sometimes just decorative.

Ties do give wearers distinction among others.

Reminded of Ecclesiastes 9:7: “Dress professionally never skimping on colorful ties. Today is God’s gift in exchange for work.”

Frank J. Buchman
Published on 09-10-2019