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13 Life Hacks For Horse People

Life is an extremely complicated activity as it is. When you add a horse into that life, things get a lot more complicated (and expensive). Soon enough, you will find that your horse is your life. What if there was a way to "cheat", so to speak, to make life easier? That's what 'life hack' means: "A strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one's time and daily activities in a more efficient way". We've found some of the most helpful life hacks for horse people that we hope will help you save you time and money...

1. For some horses in cross ties it is better to attach the quick release side to the wall, not to the horse. As it's a lot harder to grab it on a panicking horse. A simple solution? Buy extras of the quick release buckles so both ends are quick release.

2. Retractable cat brushes are FANTASTIC for brushing out fleece girths and saddle pads. They also work well for a finishing touch on a groomed mane to help it lay flat and shiny.

3. You know those foam bumpers they sell to pad coffee table edges for babies? Those are perfect for doing the inside top edge of your trailer. If a horse throws his head while backing out the top is now cushioned.

4. Luggage tags for your saddles. If your horse runs off and someone finds it they have your name and number. Another option is a dog tag on their halter and/or bridle with your name and number.

5. Fishing vests make great long distance trail ride accessories. They hold your phone, snacks for you, a whistle, and whatever else you want on you and not your horse should the two of you become separated.

6. Pallets attached to the wall are great for storing and organizing rakes, brooms, etc... Smaller pallets hung on the wall can make great shelves in wash racks for holding shampoo bottles and more.

7. If you have a steel trailer you can put heavy duty magnets on trailer tack doors to hold extra hoof picks, latch pins, and more.

8. Never tie your pony to a moveable object. Like a plastic chair.

9. Keep empty wormer tubes and fill them with molasses, and give your horse a couple molasses-fake-wormings between every real one. They'll quit fighting it almost immediately.

10. Use the blue SOS pads to get your horse's hooves nice and clean during baths..especially before a show!

horse rugs

11. Untangle manes and tails with your fingers instead of a comb

12. Preparation H prevents proud flesh and helps with capped elbows.

Most importantly for the upcoming winter...

13. Invest in lots of haynets and fill them up at the beginning of the week so that it's quick and easy to feed on dark winter days when you are dashing to work.

Do you use any of these? If you have any others you would like to share, let us know, so we can continue making life easier for horse people all over!