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Hi gang,

Just got back from a two-day dressage show in South Carolina. I always enjoy watching the different levels at these shows. From the baby training level horse just learning to turn and transition to the Grand Prix horses that seem to dance for joy. The most exciting thing for me is the vast variety of shiny, glitzy, glamorous things these riders choose. I LOVE Bling! I may have been a crow in a past life, or a ferret, whatever the case, if it's shiny, it caught my eye.

Some disciplines frown on it and others embrace it. I think what I see most is the look on the faces of those who chose to bling up their horse or outfit. If you take a closer look at the attitudes of people who are bringing the bling, they seem happier. Is that possible? I think it is! When I bought a crystal-trimmed brow band for my mini driving horse, I smiled bigger that day. When I smile, I relax, when I relax, my horse goes better. Hmmm...something for the psychiatrists to look into?

Whatever the reason, even the most stoic, hard-driven trainer has a bigger smile when they are happy about how they look. There is something about the ooh's and aah's that just make you feel good. Today's market offers a lot of bling. From belts and breech trims, to bridles, saddles, pads and boots. If your discipline is the one that embraces it, give it a try yourself!

Check out the blingy ball caps I lust posted on Instagram! Follow @griffinbrookmobile


Cher Griffin
Mobile Tack Shop Owner
Published on 2020-02-19