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What Motivates You To Ride Your Horse?

I have many clients who have horses at home but have difficulty making time to ride them. This was their dream, but didn't the dream include riding them?
Here's some suggestions for finding time to ride. Please leave comments if you have any suggestions as well that helped you find the time. 
1. Ride or work your horse before going to work or right when you get home. DO NOT SIT DOWN OR EAT, YOU CAN DO THAT AFTER. 
2. Get up an hour early or go to work an hour later. You will be more tired after work, so less likely to want to ride. 
3.  During the week, do a 5 minute grooming job, or just the feet. You can groom better on the weekend.
4. Working the horse is more important than grooming. So if only 10 minutes, round pen or lunge your horse, or desensitize them instead of grooming. 
5. You don't need an hour to ride. If you groom 5 minutes, tack up in 5 minutes, and ride 15 -20 minutes, untack 5 minutes. Your done in under 40 minutes. 
6. Don't watch TV, it's bad for you anyhow. You will save on electricity. Work your horse instead. 
7. If you round pen or lunge but also walk around as you do it, you will be exercising and lose weight and get in better shape.
8. Ride with a plan. What do you want to make better. If you have no plan, it is much easier not to ride, but if you have a goal, you will be likely to work for it.
9. Teach your horse patterns, work on transitions, get a better stop or back up. Ride over poles, improve his gait or canter. Don't settle for mediocre.
10. Motivate yourself, watch horse videos, read horse books, watch horse movies. Get a goal, a horse show, endurance ride, camping. There are so many things you can do with your horse, so choose something to do with him.
11. If you don't know what to do, then take a weekly or monthly lesson. Go to a clinic. Teach your horse tricks, teach your child/dog/cat to ride, but do something!
12. Your family will survive without you for an hour. Your house work, laundry etc will always be there. No one on their death bed says I wish I spent more time taking care of everyone else, but they do say, I wish I made more time to enjoy life (this also means your horse.) 

Gaye DeRusso
Published on 2019-08-22