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Welcome to "Legacy Ranch" and my first contribution to the Horseclicks blog.

I have been an animal advocate since I was a child. My parents never new what I might bring home when I went out to play. Birds, rabbits, stray cats and dogs and occasionally something that would set their teeth on edge. If it was injured or hungry I brought it home.

My Mother was a horsewoman before she married and held on to her love of horses all her life. The ranch is dedicated to her with a photo of her on her champion palomino framed with some of the ribbons she had won hanging proudly at the front door. This photo was taken in 1945 and was beautifully restored  and mounted by my son to be a focal point for all visitors that pass though my gates.

I have had horses most of my life and now that I am retired it is my goal to save and rehabilitate as many abused horses as I can. I have a wonderful network of vets and other horse professionals that refer the needy horses to me and also help me adopt them out to qualified forever homes after they recover.

I follow each horse after it leaves the ranch and love the stories and pictures that are sent to me by the folks that have given them the loving home and new life that they deserve. I hope that by contributing to this blog I can raise awareness and inspire others to help all animals that have been the victim of cruel and abusive owners. I hope you will find my stories heartwarming and educational. Thank you for reading my first article.

Christine Ponte
Ranch Owner
Published on 29-08-2019
My name is Christine and I own and operate Legacy Ranch, an equine rescue facility in Green Sea, SC. I am dedicated to undoing the damage done to these wonderful animals and giving them a second chance to be loved and cared for properly. I have many stories to tell about rescues that passed through my gates. Many success stories will warm your heart, and some of the failures will make your heartache. I am looking forward to being a contributor to this site, and through my articles, raise awareness about the neglect and cruelty that happens in the horse world.