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Hi fellow horse lovers, I am Katrina Pelters. I am a mom to 5, I also have 2 horses and 2 dogs.  Being a relative newbie to the horse world makes life a lot more interesting.  I really got into horses because of my daughter and her love of these amazing animals. We currently own 2 horses, Lil Duke who is a 5 year old Paint and Queen Zora a 17 year old OTTB rescue.   My family is about the journey not the destination and when we started out on the path to buy our first horse we attacked it as we would anything else, jump in with both feet and figure it out as we go.  I also write a leadership blog where I compare horse ownership with leadership in business. Feel free to hop over and check out my blog as well:


This is the journey that we took when buying our first horse.

#1 Not buying a horse because of the look. Yup you read that right, we didn’t buy a horse because we didn’t like the way it looked. It was a very pretty chestnut mare that reminded my daughter of a lesson horse she was sure hated her.  So we said no thank you and moved on to the next one. 

#2 Was riding only 4 horses. And falling in love with the 2nd horse we rode. I made her ride a few more but she kept telling me this was the one. So we put down a deposit and got my husband to come with us the next week. He isn’t super fond of horses so he had to approve (read/write the check). So we went back a week later and finalized the purchase of Duke. No PPE, nothing – yes we were newbies I get it! We bought Duke and then had to figure out where to keep him.

#3 Buying a young horse. Duke was 4 when we bought him. Yes we were warned it was going to be a long road to get him ready but we knew it was a ride we were willing to go on! Has it been a long road, yes; would we do it again? Also yes!

#4 Not having a home for our new horse. You read that right, we bought a horse with no place to take him. Thank goodness for the internet! After a few calls we found an amazing barn in the western suburbs. On top of that we found a trainer who was able to really work with us on training our new horse.

#5 Unrealistic Expectations. When we bought Duke we thought we were going to have him ready for barrels this summer. Understand that I had no idea what a 1D or 2D barrel horse was, but you know (we were winging it) We were told he was a speed horse and would make a great barrel prospect, he was a speed horse alright; he was a speed horse because he was all go and ho woah. For us it was something we simply had to adjust to and understand this was about the journey and not the destination.

1 year later, Duke is becoming an amazing Western Dressage horse. He is no longer afraid of his own tail (yup this was a real issue). He is learning that poles are not going to kill him although he is still pretty sure that the puddles are bottomless and he will drown – but we are working on that.

Buying your first horse can be the most scary, crazy, exciting journey you will go down but being flexible is probably the best way to go and understanding that you will make mistakes and that those mistakes won’t kill you, they will simply make you a better horse owner.

Katrina Pelters
Published on 2019-06-27