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So we all know the cost of owning a horse isn’t cheap. The mare I had owned for 15 years we bought for the cost of her shots, which was $100.00 My husband later commented that the money we spent to buy her turned out to be the most expensive $100.00 he had ever spent! 

Of course, never having owned a horse before, he knew nothing about all the expenses involved in their care and upkeep. He quickly learned a new meaning to the phrase, “eating you out of house and home” with just the cost of their feed and hay bills. Then, of course, there’s the farrier every six to eight weeks, even if they’re not shod. And the normal expense of vet calls once or twice a year for their shots. Not to mention the extra calls for colic or injuries to your big furry child. And unless you’re fortunate enough to own your own horse property, there’s the 24/7 “horsey daycare.” The monthly bill for that usually equals a payment for a new small car! And we’re not even going to talk about any training or instruction that you may want or need. That will be addressed in future blogs. 

Oh sure; from a financial standpoint, you will never recoup all of the money you’ve spent on keeping your horse healthy and happy (unless maybe you own a prize-winning show horse, racehorse or stallion). And the richness you receive from owning a horse will never line your pockets in a material sense. It will, however, enrich your life in an emotionally fulfilling way that you may never have experienced. 

The bond of trust that develops between you and this one ton creature is an amazing thing. Ask any horse trainer; you have to earn that trust. Once you have gained that trust, you will have gained a partnership with this magnificent animal that should last a lifetime. And that is truly one of the most rewarding parts of owning a horse. 

Missy Roth
Horse Owner / Non-pro Competitor
Published on 2019-08-27