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Good day everyone! 

How many of you competed in horse shows when you were younger? Then you took a break from horses for whatever reason and now you have a horse again. This time though it’s different. Your current horse isn’t as finished or polished like the horse you were used to back when you showed. Your head is still in that “show mode” state of mind that every ride has to be perfect! But it just isn’t. Your current horse may not collect as you want. He may not pick up the right lead when you ask. Or he may spook and even buck a little. Do you get frustrated?  Want to give up? You know he’s not a show horse. So why are you asking him to be one? Can you just accept him for who he is? He’s a beautiful animal. So just enjoy the ride.

I have struggled with this with my boy Chief. I have had to learn to accept that I won’t be showing him. I have had to re-train my mind that when I ride Chief, I need to just enjoy what he is giving me. Don’t get me wrong, Chief is very smart and has had some good training. I even envision myself competing on him when I am out in my pasture doing figure 8s or simple lead changes!

Does anyone else do this? Pretend there is a judge watching you when you are riding? Haha. I enjoy every step he gives me, Even though they may not be perfect! I’m not saying to just let your horse run all over you. I’m just saying to cherish all the moments you have on horseback because you have already won if you are in the saddle. If you have a bad ride today, be grateful that you have tomorrow to try again.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this. Until next time! 


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Jennifer Hazelwood
Published on 2019-06-24