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Dog Coats Sell Best In My Mobile Emporium

It seems funny to be writing about dog coats for a horse publication. We all know dogs are part of just about every horse farm on the planet. Some are workers, protecting the farm and livestock but most are a treasured member of the farm family. It’s a hard fact that most rescues down south now are part Pittie and they don’t have a lot of hair. In my mobile Emporium I carry just about anything you would need for the shows from apparel to gear. A new winter pair of breeches should be a big seller this time of year, even in the Carolinas, where winter can be frosty!

Funny thing, nobody wants to try on breeches at a show. They don’t like to disrobe in the portable dressing room and we all know that brands differ greatly in sizing. That’s the conundrum, they want them but don’t want to try them on so they pass. Bring in the dogs! Yes, my number-one seller off the apparel rack this time of year are dog coats. These proud muttleys arrive at the show to cheer on their humans and very quickly get sidelined while preparations happen for their equine buddies. Laying on the ground when it’s 30 degrees out can be a chilly experience. That’s when the horse moms come running to the Emporium to outfit their puppy pals in the latest weatherproof dog wear.

I can only chuckle when my apparel suppliers take my order for dozens of dog coats and ask, “Do you need any human apparel with that order?” Answer: Nope, the dogs come first!

Cher Griffin
Mobile Tack Shop Owner
Published on 2020-02-19