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Just when we thought the 2020 show season was a bust because of Covid-19, things loosened up and a few shows squeaked out beautiful events. As exhibitors, we attempt to get our wardrobes in show condition. 

This season was different, some of us gained the Covid 20 (pounds).  Some didn't bother to try on show clothes, because who would have known there would actually be shows. So, after dusting off last year's jacket and breeches, we realize the sports bra no longer fits the way it used to and the panty lines scream "let me out..".  Usually I attend Equine Affaire and Quarter Horse Congress to shop for something different, but there are some vendors I look for every year, this year everything was cancelled.

The vendor I didn't get a chance to see the Essential Bodywear Bra Lady.  I decided to look her up online and order some gear.  I'm no spring chicken, so I can't go commando like some of the young girls I know advised. The sports bras and underwear are definitely not the ordinary things I would see at the department stores. The department stores were open, but I couldn't try anything on. I would have to guess what size I needed, buy it, take it home and try it on and return it only to start over again if it didn't fit.

The "Bra Lady" could do virtual fittings, as well as, face to face. Well, the sizes I needed weren't even available at the department stores, but Essential Bodywear had them.  The bras, the panties and other 
great products Essential Bodywear offer are a great find, so great, I've decided a pandemic wasn't going to stop me from looking great at the shows or any other time.
Essential Bodywear was started by two women who went to a meeting, only to notice the foundations (bra and panties) the women were wearing weren't doing them any favors. The company is based in Commerce Township, Michigan. There are reps all over the United States. I became an Essential Bodywear rep because I believe in their products whether I'm riding or I'm at work. I've worn the bras at the lake because I don't like some of the swimwear tops...  After all, presentation is everything. So commando?  NO. Not so much.   

Susan Fabina
Published on 15-12-2020
I started riding when I was 30 years old. So, it's never too late to get started. I decided to take riding lessons after seeing an ad in the newspaper. They happened to be an English barn full of hunters. Yeah, new terminology. What a great time! I met other people there my age. I continued lessons for 2 years and was jumping. Soon a friend talked me into buying my own horse. This was all before the internet. I found a beautiful 3-year-old quarter horse. Green broke, probably not the best decision, but I loved him. Since I couldn't afford board at the barn I was lessoning, for was offered a stall at a friend's house. Again, not the best decision. After boarding there for 9 months or so, I moved to a boarding barn closer to home. I started taking lessons with someone who used to ride my horse. Chance meeting. Great experience. We lessoned together for about a year, she went off to college. I found another trainer and started where I left off. The rest is yet to be revealed.