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A Rewarding Ride By Ava Jackson

Hello fellow equestrians and horsey lovers! My name is Ava Jackson and I have had a long run with horses at a young age :) I have hopped barns and recently settled down at my own stable at home! I have 3 horses, Finn, maizy, and vino! They are all rescues and are the best horses ever ( they r super cute too, lol ). I currently compete in hunters, jumpers, and eq and go up to aa level! It’s so much fun and is honestly such a great time to spend with your best friend. It is such a reward to see the progress from when I got them! I am new to this blogging thing so stay with me as I make my very first blog post for HorseClicks! 
A Rewarding Ride ♥️
The almost perfect ride, we’ve all been there - the correct leads, the scopey jump, on the bit, you name it. You get off and realize, how do I praise my horse for this good boy behavior? I always picture what I did to warm up or when did I give breaks or did I pat my horse long enough?? I recently have seen some horrible things on social media about people pushing their horses to the fullest extent - AFTER the horse had won already or had done exactly what the rider had wanted them to do. 
To see this happening scares me. It just shows how pushy and self centered people are in this sport. Most horses, especially sport breeds, just want to please and do what people ask of them, but they are just like us! They get tired and overworked too, but they just can’t fully tell us. (that would be super cool though!) As the rider, We need to make the right decision and stop when we think they are done and have fulfilled the end goal of that ride. 
We love our four legged friends and just ask of them to work with us, love us, and most definitely to boop their little noses :) Make riding a fun thing so that your horse will work it’s hardest and enjoy being with you! Here are some ideas to rewarding your BFF:
In the saddle rewards: 
  • Make an end goal to every ride, don’t forget to make them small so you can celebrate small victories! 
  • End on a good note, if it’s done once very well, be done!
  • Take breaks and recollect, don’t rush through the ride, take your time :)
  • After you finish, take a walk outside the arena to end on a different, less work related note! 
out of the saddle: 
  • Have a bath day and then afterwards take them to the arena to roll, trust me, they love it!
  • go to an arena or round pen and practice some liberty and stretches with them! 
  • bareback rides: walk over poles or a simple trail ride.
  • Braid their mane and have a photo shoot! 
These eight ideas are great tools to rewarding your horse, but the greatest reward is your time and love! The lesson or end goal of this blog post was to remind you guys that we are all in this for the fun and enjoyment of being with our non-human bff’s. Love your horses with all your heart and they will love you with all 4 - hooves back!