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A Baby Horse Named Princess Rose

My friend Suzzi and I co-created a horse / ranch story book filled with real life photography of the animals at Intentions Ranch. Guests who read the book have come to meet all the characters in person for a magical memorable day at the ranch!
About our book:
“A Baby Horse Named Princess Rose is a beautiful story about friendship and kindness. The real animals that live on Intentions Ranch are preparing to celebrate the birth of a baby horse, but one member of the community does not feel like celebrating. The main character solves the problem in a gentle, caring way. Her devoting, thoughtful actions demonstrates to young readers the meaning of friendship. This delightful book provides the reader with a combination of real animal photographs from Intentions Ranch and animations that will make you smile. The story will leave you feeling positive and wanting to take a day trip to Intentions Ranch! 
A video announcement can be viewed on; IntentionsRanch.com with a link to the book.