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7 Reasons Why Horseback Riding Is the Best Therapy By Betti Wilson

Everybody knows about horseriding but what is therapeutic horseback riding? In short, this comprises of a number of different treatments to involve humans with horses to promote physical and mental health. Yes, you read that right, these animals have been used over many years to work wonders for peoples health. Let’s look at why horseback riding is such great therapy.

1. Focus On The Task

Riding a horse takes time to master and this demands a level of high concentration. If your mind starts to wonder, you may soon find out that your horse will be wondering about or getting into accidents. By concentrating and focusing on riding a horse, you can forget about your problems. Occupational therapists recommend horseback riding lessons for mental concentration and to help disabled people. Studies by those such as Trzmiel T et al., 2019 have shown that horseback riding therapy for autism is beneficial and a useful form of therapy for children.

2. Physical Strength

Riding can help both your physical self. It’s really great exercise, riding can tone part of your body and increase muscle strength. It’s not just about sitting down and doing nothing, the animal needs to be controlled and this demands some physical activity.

physical activity

3. Emotional and Mental Strength

As you and your horse gallop away, you will need to get over any anger or fear. By taking charge of your animal and the task at hand, you train your mind and get a good mental workout. Therapeutic horseback riding will teach you to regulate your emotions to enjoy the ride.

4. Patience Is a Virtue

When you’re riding you have to take a deep breath, sit back and relax, but what about when things aren’t going quite your way? Good riding means trying things over and over again and learning to be more patient has therapeutic benefits.

good riding

5. Forgiveness and Attitude

No horse is perfect. Riding can be a tricky task, which means that many things go wrong. When things don’t go your way, riding can train you to forgive both yourself and the horse. After that, you can let go and appreciate what is most important in your life.

6. Trust in Animals, Trust in Others

Trust in your animal is a powerful and therapeutic feeling that has numerous positive psychological benefits. Trust is fragile. A breach of trust worsens both current and future relationships. In humans and animals, reconciliation after a breach of trust is important for restoring relationships and restoring confidence.

7. Feel the Accomplishment of Horseback Riding

Arguably there is no better feeling than jumping over an object, a smooth departure, and a fast trot. Disciplined riding makes you feel good about yourself. This is great for boosting self-esteem and confidence.

Have you had any luck riding horses? We’d love to hear of the positive benefit they’ve brought you. Share your thoughts with us below.

Author Bio

Betti Wilson is a part-time blogger with a key interest in animal wellbeing, having recently finished a masters degree in Biodiversity Conservation. She frequently loves riding horses. You can find out about some of the terrific products she uses at allpetsexpert.com to help her take care of her pets.