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“A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace.” This was said by Ovid 2000 years ago. Horses have been known as the most mensch of creatures and everyone knows why. Depending upon old people’s sayings, we know that dog has been man’s best friend but if you look at the old cave art you will see that horses have been man’s original best friend since 2000 to 4000 B.C.

Horses take us wherever we navigate them, no matter how and what the track or how far the destination is. They also have been an eminent help on the battlefields.

Horses and humans have been a team for hundreds of years. Before the invention of the wheel, horses were the only source of transportation. And up till now horses still serve as means of transportation, police service, agriculture, entertainment, therapy, recreation or hobby and people keep them as pets as well.

There are literally more than 100 species of horse and every breed has different anatomy but here we have mentioned the most amazing 6 facts about horses:

Horse Hooves

The most sensitive part of a horse is its hooves. They are very complex as well. They need to be maintained almost regularly. They need to be cleaned from the inside and hooves need a special kind of steel rings which are called horseshoes. Hooves need to be cut like human nails. Cutting the hooves plays the most important role in horse’s running, standing and jumping. If the hooves are not shaped properly, they might not balance well. Horses need hoof supplement for better hoof growth.

Anatomy of horses says that when a horse stumps the front hooves, the blood shoots towards the legs and into the veins which cause the horse to jump. In a post of LADbible, there was a horse in an abandoned barn where a horse was left was grass and water for 2 months, having no idea how did he drink less water but his hooves got 2 meters long and he couldn’t walk or stand nor sit. All he could do was feel pain. Although he was taken into care. Also, just like humans, horses become depressed if they are left alone. Even if a horse can live up to their maximum age if a horse is left alone it dies sooner.

Horse Diet

Horses can surely eat a lot. The diet of horses depends upon his size. If the horse is small it will eat less as compared to a larger horse. Fun fact about a horse’s diet is, if the horse doesn’t like a taste of the food it will not eat it, they mostly like the sweet taste and reject the food which is bitter or sour. 

A weird fact about a horse’s diet is, some people say it’s a myth, but if a horse is not given anything to eat for days it can eat meat. It can either chicken meat or a human’s meat. But this fact is not confirmed but it is rumored a lot among people who keep horses. According to horse experts, some horses weigh more than 1200 pounds which is approximately 550 kilos and a horse with such weigh can eat more than 7 times its weight. A fun fact about a horse is that they cannot vomit and they cannot burp as well because the horse digestive system is a one-way street.

Least Horse Country

Horses have been found all over the world except Australia. Australia was horse-less before the 17th century’s mid. This is a scientifically proven fact because no horse fossil was ever found in Australia’s soil. Horses were 1st brought in Australia in the mid-17th century. People were amazed and they were brought from Sydney by the British fleet. If you see the old school books of Australia you will not see H for Horse. 

Horse Life Span

Science says that horses can live up to 25 to 30 years. By the age of 20+, they are in bad condition, they pass stool anywhere and they have no idea about it. They are not active nor attentive at this age. But there was a horse in the 19th century which is the most long-lived horse of all times named ‘Old Billy’. It is now forever placed in the Manchester Museum. The owner said he was color blind by the age.

Gender Difference

There is only one way to determine the difference between a male and a female but horses can be distinguished separately by their teeth. Males have 40 teeth and females have 36 teeth but as we humans will approach an easy way to distinguish that. These teeth very much seem like human’s teeth. The moment when you will find gender, next is to give them a catchy horse name.

Death Horse Breed

The horse breed which was symbolized as the dead horse was Dapple Grey. This horse was said to have a height of 8 feet or 6 feet long. Why it is was named the dead horse was because the Greek won many war battles with the help of this horse also the white color was considered as the color of omen or death and grey was the color of war. Dapple Grey was a mixture of these colors and it was a very powerful horse. It is now on the verge of extinction. 

So, that is a horse in a nutshell and these are the most interesting and bizarre facts which make this creature most magical and astounding and the only reason the horse is called a noble creature among all.  

Waqar Zafar
Published on 02-06-2020
Hi, I am Waqar and active in the horse world since 2012. I have MSc (Hons) in Agriculture from the University of Agriculture Faisalabad. I love to solve equine health care issues and note down in the form of research papers.I have written hundreds of equine health care, accessories, names, and history-related blogs. My equine related work is watering a lot of horse-related magazines and blogs.