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Shiloh - The Rescue Story

Finally, I spotted a horse within my price range! I was originally searching for a horse I could jump and compete with, but giving up, I had settled with anything I could ride and train.

This grey gelding was underweight and disproportionately built but I was ready for my next horse. I eagerly agreed to come and meet him even though he was about two hours from me. The gelding was skinnier than in the pictures, he was covered in rain rot, his tail was short, his feet overgrown and he only had one shoe--and it was loose. But I bought him anyway.When my family saw how pitiful he was, one of us suggested the name Shiloh and it stuck.

After a hoof trimming, a bath, and grooming, Shiloh seemed to feel better. slowly, we started him back on grass, grain, and fattener. Shiloh began to gain weight but he really needed muscle. I started riding him and he was energetic! I was ecstatic.

Shiloh was unafraid over the small jumps but needed time and consistency to gain balance, muscles, and strides. He had a huge floating trot and big canter stride. I could feel from the first ride that this boy was going to be something special. In just a few weeks, Shiloh went from having almost no hair down his back to a flea-bitten coat that was coming in nicely.

In his training, he progressed quickly, from cross rails to two feet to three to oxers and spreads. He was talented! He loved to jump and enjoyed trail rides and cross country just as much as the arena. Shiloh continues to gain muscle and experience to match his talent. Unfortunately, Shiloh will have to find a new home soon as I train horses and do not have room to keep him. I only hope that the next step of Shiloh's life will be as special as his last big leap. This is one special boy that deserves a wonderful long-term home, that will enjoy him as much as I have. I am curious to see how far he can go!

By Jesse Marie