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Horse Health Care (The Ultimate Guide)

To those who own a horse, ensuring their long term health and happiness is number one priority. But with so much to consider, this can be a daunting prospect. That’s why we have sourced some of the best horse health care related guides on the web, and collated them into one awesome resource for you! From behaviour and psychology, to finding the right vet, with everything in between, this guide has you covered.



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Living Environment






Hoof Care


Finding The Right Equine Vet


Living Environment

horse living environment

Knowing that you are doing the best you can for your horse is a wonderful feeling. Remember, horses not only work tirelessly for you, but they will also give you their heart. In return, it’s only right we provide a living environment that will make them feel as 'at home' as possible.


Horse Nutrition

horse nutrition

With so many choices of feed, supplements and different types hay, equine owners can be forgiven for finding themselves a little bit confused. Every horse is different, so it’s crucial you provide them with the right dietary requirements for their specific needs.


Horse Dentistry

horse dentistry

Routine equine dental care is essential for your horse’s health. Horses with clean functioning teeth live longer and perform better. Also, a healthy mouth will allow your horse to eat more efficiently, taking their feed further. Here we have collated 6 great resources covering everything from common issues, to prevention and treatment.


Horse Grooming

horse grooming

Grooming not only helps maintain your horses appearance, but is also an important part of building a bond and developing trust. The 6 articles below detail some of the most effective methods for this.


Horse Illness/Diseases

horse illness/diseases

If your horse has been displaying abnormal behavior, it could be down to them being unwell. No matter how hard you try to prevent infectious diseases, it's impossible to stop them all. It’s important to be in the know as much you can when it comes to diseases and illness that affect your equine friend. This will allow you to identify and address any problems early.


Horse Behaviour/Psychology

horse behaviour

If you ever want to connect with your horse's heart, you must first take the time to get into their head. Learning the basic psychology that motivates your horse’s behaviour is a rewarding process that will allow you to build a life long bond.


Horse Hoof Care

horse hoof care

Yours horse's ability to run, jump, compete and work can all be affected by the condition of their hooves. Knowing how to manage and maintain hooves is a really important skill that can keep your horse healthy and active. Here are some common issues and maintenance tips relating to hoof health. 


Horse Lameness

horse lameness

There is no hiding from lameness, nearly all riders will have to deal with this abnormality of gait at some point. Just like athletes, horses can get injured as well. As lameness is one of the most common conditions to affect our equine friends, knowing how to prevent and/or manage it is essential. 


Finding The Right Equine Vet

finding the right equine vet

We can love and care for our horses as much as we like, but inevitably at some point in your horse’s life it will require a vet. Finding the right veterinarian doesn’t happen by accident, you have to put in the necessary work to select the right one.