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Another successful weekend at a horse show with my mobile unit has come and gone. It truly is wonderful to watch the kids and adults alike groom, prep, work and show their steads. Although it was a hot one this weekend, everyone seemed to be in good spirits and a gentle breeze kept the gnats at bay. 
A little incident happened early on in the show day that got me to thinking. I know, that can be dangerous!! A woman was leading her daughter's beautiful pony along the path from the barn to the show ring. When the pony sauntered by my mobile tack trailer, he saw something that looked worthy of a closer look. He yanked the lead rope right out of mom's hand and proceeded to investigate the bag of polo wraps that he was convinced was a bag of peppermints. It happened so quickly and the mom went into "momma bear" mode to keep the young child from getting stepped on that she completely ignored the fact that the nylon lead had just zipped across her palm like a lightning bolt. Fortunately, someone was right handy to grab the nosy pony and when the dust settled, mom looked down at her burned hand, aghast at what a simple nylon lead can do! I jumped up to see if everyone was OK and after seeing the damage done to mom's hand, I reached for my trusty first aid kit that I always keep in the trailer, right next to the emergency sewing kit (buttons, right?) I was able to disinfect, soothe and wrap the hand before the EMT was located.
While I was rummaging around in the kit, I noticed the box of Bandaids was empty! The ice bag had deflated, and someone took the bandage scissors out and not returned them (OK, maybe that was in the sewing kit!) It got me to thinking, as I said before, that every April, I used to do a complete safety check on my horse trailer before show season began. Why did I not pick a month when I would check all my first aid kits (truck, trailer, home?) So, I hereby unofficially designate August as Bandaid Month! You still have two weeks left to check yours! Perhaps the 4-H kids or the Pony Clubbers could do a safety poster to get the word out. Let's make August, check-your-kit month for everyone.

Cher Griffin
Mobile Tack Shop Owner
Published on 19-08-2019
My name is Cher Griffin and I am a certified horse nut. I've been living and breathing horses since my first trail ride at six years old. The horse broke loose from my handler and went flying back to the barn and all I could do was grin and whoop it up the entire mile-long run. My mother thought I was crazy. Little did she know. Since that fateful ride, I became a horse owner, 4-H member and horse show addict. I spent many years showing and training Quarter Horses, Saddlebreds, hunters, Morgans, Arabians, a stint with roping horses and sundry other breeds and combos. I became a carded judge in the early eighties and spent more than three decades in the center ring. I've been a 4-H leader for 42 years and have thoroughly enjoyed working with youth and horses. I've coached fourteen successful horse-judging teams to national-level competitions. When my knees finally gave out, I opted for the driving world. I continued to train minis and ponies to drive in the show ring and ADT level competitions. Throughout all this, I also owned my own trucking company, working in the heavy construction industry for over twenty years. Now that I'm an old gal, I own a mobile tack shop that travels from South Carolina to Georgia attending a variety of shows and events. I may not be center ring anymore but I'm in the thick of the horse business and live in the heart of the south's horse mecca, Aiken, SC. If that isn't horse-crazy enough, I am also a published author of three mysteries, Ritzforg 127, Captain Courageous and Gwenonwyn of Aileen. If you love horse and who-done-its, you'll love the books.