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Michelle McMillen
I started out as a typical horse-crazy girl from toddlerhood, if not birth, getting early satisfaction from grocery store mechanical mounts and pony rides in Griffith Park, Los Angeles – and reading every horse book in the library. After my 6th grade year, we moved from Southern California to my step-dad’s childhood home on a farm/ranch outside Hereford, Texas. There my step-grandfather took this horse-crazy, know-it-all (those books, you know!) girl under his experienced wing and turned her into a horse trainer. I’ve been training – and being trained by – horses ever since. I married my college sweetheart and put him through veterinary school (not as a horse trainer, though ;-) and eventually we moved to NW Oregon. Here I finally pursued a longtime fascination with English riding, which quickly veered over to what felt like home – dressage. I love developing the partnership it takes to DANCE with a horse, seeing the improvement in their gaits and physique through the discipline’s systematic way of training no matter what their breed. I enjoy helping others realize that partnership with their own horses, too, passing on the knowledge I’ve absorbed from some excellent teachers along the way.

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