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United States of America
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$ 550
Blue - Gorgeous Mustang Gelding Non Riding
All About Equine Animal Rescue, Inc.
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$ 550

Blue - Gorgeous Mustang Gelding Non Riding

For SaleAvailable
11 yrs14 hands
Blue Roan5 - Average (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
United States of America$ 550
El dorado hills, CA 95762

If you are interested in adopting this horse, please submit an Adoption Inquiry via AAE's website; No texts please: https://www.allaboutequine.org/how-to-adopt.html.

Blue is a 2010 Virginia Range (NV) mustang gelding who came to AAE March of 2017 after a request for assistance from the Virginia Range Wild Horse Sanctuary and Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund. Blue had been carrying around a large mass of proud flesh (granulation tissue) over his left rear fetlock/pastern area for some time. Although he had been haltered and handled some previously, he was not halterable when he arrived at AAE. We knew we had a big job ahead in helping Blue. Blue’s journey back to wellness is on our website: Blue | All About Equine Animal Rescue - All About Equine Animal Rescue, Inc. | CA

He's healthy, happy, and in much better shape than when he arrived. He continues to have challenges with trust, mostly when introducing new things, but he continues to show progress, one baby step at a time. He loves his carrots, and he will respectfully do almost anything for a bite of carrot. He also enjoys being "Uncle Blue" to the youngsters, a job he does well!

Like we have said before, Blue's story is not an uncommon story in terms of the hurdles we cross with any intake with special needs. We have unexpected bumps in the road that required more than anticipated. For Blue, it was the bouts of vasculitis and later, the discovery of the sarcoid. For some, it's colic; for others, abscesses, lacerations from tree branches or scuffles with others. We can't plan for these things, but need the resources to handle them when confronted. We are grateful to have had the support of our AAE community to assure we can manage most any unexpected issue along the way.

Blue is available for adoption only to the perfect, forever home. He needs a person that is mustang experienced, extremely patient and has no expectations other than providing a safe, caring home. Keep in mind, he lived on the open range for years and he does not enjoy confinement. At AAE, he lives in a herd environment on about 10 acres. He comes in every morning and every evening at feeding time. He is somewhat social, but still skeptical of humans. Given the choice, he'd prefer a free-roaming life with occasional visit to two-leggers. Blue gives his feet for cleaning and he is okay with the farrier when trimmed in a small paddock. Blue has learned very basic groundwork. He is always looking for Plan B, an escape. He can be touched and handled all over, but continues to have a difficult time relaxing and enjoying it. He's pretty good with his hooves but the front right is still an effort. His leg is checked regularly for any recurrence of his sarcoid. Fortunately, we are still sarcoid free, and his scar is about the size of a quarter. Blue needs much more confidence before moving forward with saddle training. Continuity and consistency will be key in building his confidence and advancing his skills.

Blue is up to date with dental and hoof care, vaccines, and deworming, and he has a microchip.

Adoption fee subject to change based on training; see website for current information: https://www.allaboutequine.org/adopt-a-horse.html.
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All About Equine Animal Rescue, Inc.
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