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16.3 - 17.2hh Belgian Horses for Sale

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Buying A Horse
Buying A Horse
There’s more to buying a horse than picking a pretty or flashy horse.   Of course we all want the dream of a beautiful horse with a long flowing mane and tail but what do we really need?   First, figure out where you w...
By Gaye DeRusso
Appreciative Respect Apparent In Passing   Of Lifelong Prominent Flint Hills Cowboy
Appreciative Respect Apparent In Passing Of Lifelong Prominent Flint Hills Cowboy
Winner of the annual Morris County Ranch Rodeo one year was the Muller Ranch team of Lee Hart, Jack Gieswein, Kenny Muller (with grandson Ty Muller) and Richard Muller.  “A cowboy’s worth in life can best be measured in death.&rd...
By Frank J. Buchman
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Frequently asked questions
What is a Belgian Horse?
A Belgian horse is a breed of draft horse that originated in the Flemish region of Belgium. They are typically large, strong horses with a tall stature, strong bones and tendons, and impressive musculature. They are known for their power, endurance, and agility in pulling heavy loads. Belgian horses were primarily bred to do work on farms and pull heavy carriages - however today they have become popular as show horses too! In addition to their strength and beauty, Belgian horses are also known for their athleticism. They have a solid build yet they move with gracefulness and agility. This makes them perfect for driving or working obstacles during competitions or other activities such as mounted games or trail rides. Though the most common coat color is chestnut-sorrel (red), Belgians come in other colors too including black, bay (brown), roan (mixed light/dark coloring) gray, palomino (golden yellow) - even cream colored coats! No matter what color your choice may be though all Belgian Horses share an undeniable “presence” about them which many admirers find captivating!