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Frequently asked questions
What is an Australian saddle?
An Australian saddle is a type of saddle originating from Australia that’s specially designed for comfort and safety. This type of saddle is often used in many types of recreational activities, such as trail riding and endurance racing due to its unique design that provides the rider with both support and mobility. The distinguishing features of an Australian saddle include a deep seat, high cantle, shallow fork, padded stirrups, curved fenders and leg cutouts. The added padding on the stirrup leathers reduces pressure on the legs while allowing improved flexibility when pushing through turns or other movements requiring additional grip from the rider's legs. The incorporation of a higher cantle relieves pressure points around the back area by evenly distributing weight across larger areas providing greater protection against spinal strain caused by impact between horse and rider. The deeper seat also allows for more controlled movements which are safer during speed-requiring events such as barrel racing or show jumping. Australian saddles come in varying styles including one with round skirts (skirt shape) - more popularly used for cutting competitions - two horned variation meant for roping activities like calf tie-down roping, team penning etc., lightweight synthetic materials suitable for trail riding activities or endurance racing along with traditional western style tooling made popular within western pleasure disciplines among others..