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    Aussie Ultralight Saddle

    $ 1,995
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    The Specialized Saddles Aussie Ultralight Saddle is so light, putting it on to your horse is almost effortless!

    The Aussie Ultralight Saddle has a pommel with poleys that make the saddle more secure replacing the need for bucking rolls. It also has a deep seat with a 5 inch cantle that helps keep a rider in the saddle.

    The Aussie Ultralight Saddle is an ultimate close contact saddle with an innovative design making It is one of the most lightweight in the saddle industry. The Ultralight reduces weight without reducing comfort or performance and features the patented 3-D* fit of Specialized Saddles.

    The Specialized Saddles Aussie Ultralight is a revolutionary saddle, bringing you as close as possible to riding bareback and really feeling your horses movement, without damaging your horses back.

    The Aussie Ultralight Saddle features an interchangeable seat that is easily changed by removing four screws. The seat can be made in either padded leather or real fleece and come in multiple colors to match your tack to your saddle. The purchase of the Ultralight comes with standard billet straps. You can upgrade your billet straps to match your seat color plus you can also add fenders to your saddle.

    *The Aussie Ultralight Saddle uses our patented 3-D Fit system, developed with the knowledge that saddle fit affects everything you do on your horse, and if your saddle doesn’t fit and your horse isn’t comfortable, his willingness and attitude is affected.

    Your Aussie Ultralight Saddle ships standard with one pair of 3/4″ fitting cushions (pads that run along the bars of the saddle) and a full shim kit.

    Saddle weight: 9 lbs


    Aussie Ultralight Saddle
    United States of America
    $ 1,995
    Canutillo, El paso, Texas,
    Specialized Saddles
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