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14.3 - 15.2hh Arabian Horses for sale

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Discover 14.3 - 15.2hh Arabian Horses for sale on America's biggest equine marketplace. Browse Horses, or place a FREE ad today on
The Correct Terminology: Age/gender
The Correct Terminology: Age/gender
There are many different names for each type of horse which you may not be familiar with. We don’t mean the breed, but the names for whether it is an adult female, or a baby male. You will see words such as gelding and yearling across the site ...
The Farrier Is A Horse's Best Friend
The Farrier Is A Horse's Best Friend
Adopting a rescue horse brings both joy and sorrow. The joy of getting to know a new horse and working with him/her to form that inimitable bond for which horse lovers strive. Sorrow comes from a sad past perhaps involving abuse or neglect, and in mo...
By Katharine MacCornack
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Frequently asked questions
What is an Arabian horse?
The Arabian horse is a beautiful and majestic breed that has been admired by many generations of horse riders. It stands out from other horse breeds thanks to its contoured head, wide eyes, and small muzzle—features that are the result of hundreds of years of selective breeding. The Arabian's strong body and quick reflexes make it an ideal choice for racing competitions or fast-paced performance events like jumping or dressage. Perhaps even more remarkable than its physical attributes is the Arabian's gentle nature; they're considered among the most intelligent and loyal horses in existence, making them perfect companions for their human friends. Their stamina gives them great endurance when ridden over long distances, making them popular mount choices during desert treks! That being said, owning an Arabian isn't always easy; they require strict care protocol if you want to keep them healthy and happy throughout their lifetime. But with proper exercise, training, grooming sessions, diet consultation with a vet (or equine nutritionist), regular health check-ups at your vet clinic - not to mention plenty of love - you can keep your Arab companion safe from common medical conditions such as colic or laminitis while ensuring a long life full of enjoyable experiences together!