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Arabian Cross
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Beginner Arabian Cross for Sale in Arizona

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Find Beginner Arabian Cross for sale near you in Arizona on America's biggest equine marketplace.
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Frequently asked questions
What is an Arabian Cross?
An Arabian Cross horse is an equine breed known for its intelligent, gentle demeanor and strong athletic ability. It is a hybrid breed descended from purebred Arabian horses crossed with a variety of other breeds, including Thoroughbreds, American Quarter Horses, American Paint Horses, and Morgans. As such it has inherited the hardiness and sure-footedness of its parent breeds. It typically stands between 14 to 15 hands high (about 4-5 feet) at the withers and has long legs that enable it to cover ground quickly. The head of an Arabian Cross horse is generally finely featured with arched nostrils on a straight face. Its neck tends to be quite muscular but graceful in shape; its shoulder wide; chest deep; back short and strong; croup generally sloped slightly downward; mane silky or curly depending upon mixed bloodlines used during breeding; hooves usually tough yet well shaped. This breed often showcases beautiful coloring as well as an attractive array of white markings across their bodies that can range from minimal star in forehead to coronets on all four legs -- this makes them very showy animals indeed! They often have intelligent eyes that show determination when ridden or worked under saddle, which reflects their trainability — another aspect of this versatile breed’s enduring popularity among owners looking for smart versatile mounts who are equally suited for work around the ranch or competitive events like endurance riding!