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    4 Up and Coming Rocky Mountain Geldings

    $ 123,456
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    We have 4 Registered Rocky Mountain geldings currently in training. They will be ready to take home once their training is completed over the next couple months. We are currently giving people the option to come out, visit the farm and the horses, interact with each boy's sire, dam, and siblings, and get matched up with a gelding that they can put on hold with down payment. We are booking days to visit the farm, and slots are filling up fast! Don't miss your chance to get a top quality trail gelding! See their short bio's below and write up on what is expected of our trail horses before they leave the farm, what to expect when you visit, pricing, shipping options, after purchase and more!

    RMR's Full Fueled Phantom
    2016 golden palomino gelding with a white mane and tail - silver gene negative - currently stands between 14.3 and 15hh - expected to mature at 15-15.1hh - Sire: Impulsive Ghost - Dam: RRF's Annie Oakley
    Phantom has begun participating in short trail rides and is doing very well. Right now, it is only a matter of time and exposure to be put into him. He just needs those miles put on! He is very well gaited and is already slipping into his very smooth gait after only 5 or 6 rides on him. He is currently ridden with mares and will ride out front, behind, and beside his riding buddy. He has done very well with everything thrown at him thus far. His current spook is a freeze and stare, small scoot forward, or quick single side step and stare. We expect this to improve to minimal if any spook once he is further exposed to the wonders of trail riding. Phantom is a forward moving horse with a nice flatwalk and gait. He may be most suited for a confident rider who enjoys covering ground or is looking to participate in endurance style riding. This bio is going off of 3 trail rides, and 3-4 round pen rides over the course of 5 months. Please contact for more information, schedule an appointment to meet Phantom, or to learn more about his progress and our expectations for him!

    RMR Pace The Chase
    2015 Silver Grullo Gelding with a white mane and tail - currently stand 14hh - expected to mature at 14.1-14.2hh - Sire: Steely - Dam: Sambo's Blue Bayou - Sire is not on site, Dam is on site along with soon to be 4 dam side siblings
    Pace is drop dead gorgeous with a nice stocky build. He has been trail ridden only once, and ridden in an enclosed area alone 3-4 times when this ad was written. He did very well on his first trail ride as we focused primarily on walking and first time exposure to the trail scene. We plan to ride with Pace more over the next few weeks. Pace is a forward mover with go go go on his mind. However, that may change with more exposure and ride time! We would like to get a couple more rides on him before determining what kind of rider we think would suit him best! Don't miss out on this boy. He will surely get you noticed out on the trails! Please contact for more information, schedule an appointment to meet Pace, or to learn more about his progress and our expectations for him!

    RMR's Blazin Fireball
    2016 Silver Sorrel Gelding - Currently stands 14.3hh - Expected to mature around 15hh - Sire: Impulsive Ghost - Dam: RRF's Opportunity Rocks
    Fireball is our stocky red gelding with quite the personality and heart. He has had maybe 2-3 trail rides and 3-4 enclosed area rides when this ad was written. He is a very controllable forward mover. Not as forward as Phantom, but not a "pokey Pete". His trail rides have mainly consisted of walking and exposure. He is very level headed and is expected to be more of an advanced beginner horse by the time he is finished out. We say advanced beginner only because he is young, and you just never know with a young horse. We do not believe in "bombproof". Please contact for more information, schedule an appointment to meet Fireball, or to learn more about his progress and our expectations for him!

    RMR's Impulsive Drifter
    2016 Black Gelding - Currently stands 14.1hh - Expected to finish out at 14.2-14.3hh - Sire: Impulsive Ghost - Dam: Barretts Derby
    Drifter is anticipated to be the laid back gelding that can be ridden by just about anyone. He picked up his gait from day one and has the same laid back demeanor as his elder half sister here on the farm. Again, we do not believe in "bombproof". Drifter has had 2-3 trail rides and 2-3 enclosed area rides when this ad was created. Please contact for more information, schedule an appointment to meet Drifter, or to learn more about his progress and our expectations for him!

    What is expected of our trail horses:
    We hold high expectations for our trained trail horses. The above boys were born and raised on the farm. Drifter and Phantom attended Midwest Horse Fair in Madison Wisconsin when they were 10 and 11 months old. Other than that, none of the 4 boys have been off the farm. Below is a list of things we expect from our trail horses:
    - Standing tied in the barn, on a high line, and to any tree we would happen to tie them too (expected to do such things quietly)
    - Standing for mounting and dismounting
    - Mounting with mounting block or stump
    - Standing to be saddled
    - Basic ground work (lunge free and on a line, yield front and hind quarters, back, and lead with respectable space)
    - Back, Stop, Pivot, Walk, flat walk, and gait under saddle (Some are taught to canter, but we avoid that in young horses for gait setting purposes)
    - Set in their gait
    - Walk off alone or with a group
    - Ride in front, back, middle, or beside another horse or group of horses
    - Leave and return to group without making a scene
    - Cross water, down trees, mud, or bridges
    - Respond well to leg cues and be soft in the mouth (trained in bitless hackamores only)
    - Walk up and down hills
    - Keep distance from the horse in front of them (we do not ride tail to tail, we believe in personal space on the trails in case something happens)
    - No kick, bite, buck or rear on or off the trails
    - Stand to be trimmed, shod, and seen by vet
    - Stand to be bathed
    - Load and unload from trailers with ease
    - Create their own trails through thick and thin brush
    - Good with dogs and cats on and off the trails

    What to expect when you set up visit:
    Expect to talk on the phone with Bonnie several times before your visit. Just by talking to you she can gauge your personality type and horse that may suite you best. Expect to spend the day, and expect to ride/handle a horse or 3. We will not sell a horse without seeing the buyer handle/ride the horse. If we do not think the horse is a good fit for you, we will refer you to a horse that may be more suited for your personality/riding style. We want you to have the best trail partner you could ask for! Expect to hear everything and anything about that horse. We will tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly about the horse you inquire on as we practice full disclosure to our buyers. If you need help, do not be scared to ask. No question is a dumb question. Chances are we have been there done that, asked ourselves that, or have learned the hard way. We are more than willing to help you or answer any questions. No judgement and absolutely no belittling! We only ask that you are open minded to what we have to say and take into consideration that we have raised and trained these horses. We know their buttons and what makes them tick!

    After your purchase:
    After you have brought your new trail companion home we do not disappear. If you have problems 3 years or 3 months down the road, do not hesitate to come back to us and ask for help or understanding. We will gladly assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. If you find the horse is not working for you, please let us know what is going on before you jump the gun to sell. We are only a phone call away!

    We will work with a shipper of your choice, you can pick up, or we can arrange for us to personally deliver your horse when it is finished with training. We love to travel and will have no problem shipping your horse for a very reasonable fee. (Please keep in mind that this fee is like any other fee. There is wear and tear on our personal truck and trailer, gas, and at times toll fees. Your shipping fee is factored by those things and and estimate is disclosed to you before we load that horse and begin driving).

    Prices are currently being decided and will depend on the horse, trail experience/miles, and current level of training. Added expenses will be factored for additional riding lessons, shipping expenses, and any tack that you would like to purchase with the horse. Expect to pay between $8,000 - $12,000 for one of these boys. Payment can be done all at once, down payment with remaining balance paid off before the horse ships or is picked up, or with down payment and payments between time of down payment and pickup/shipping. If paying with check, the horse does not leave the property until the check(s) has cleared. That price may seem like a lot to some, but we strongly believe in the phrase "You get what you paid for".

    Contact information:
    Bonnie Orlando
    Phone: - Click here to reveal phone number -
    Email: our email address
    Facebook: Rocky Mountain Run Horses
    WebPage: rockymtnrun.visit our website


    Rocky Mountain
    For Sale
    RMR's Full Fueled Phantom, RMR's Impulsi
    3 yrs
    14.3 hands
    2 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
    United States of America
    $ 123,456
    Crivitz, WI 54114


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