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United States of America
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$ 1,474.99
17" Beval Artisan Saddle - 2014 - 4.75" dot to dot
Redwood Tack
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$ 1,475

17" Beval Artisan Saddle - 2014 - 4.75" dot to dot

AvailableRedwood Tack
Length 17"United States of America
$ 1,475Nicasio, Marin, California,

17" Beval Artisan Saddle

2014 model
Flaps measuring 13" from stirrup bar to bottom and 13.25" across
4.75" dot to dot tree measurement
Front and rear blocks
Integrated panels
Soft, comfortable, secure
Solid and sound, great saddle for the price!Read more
BrandRedwood Tack
CountryUnited States of America
Redwood Tack
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