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    Oreo the "Color Edition"
    Come see one of the most recognized stallions in the gaited horse world on Facebook Tennessee Walkers And Spotted Saddle Horses The Natural Way. Oreo is the very inspiration behind one of the Internet's top gaited pages! Birthday: June 15th, 1992 Place of birth: Ohio Height: 16.2 Breed: Tennessee Walker Sex: stallion Color pattern: Tobiano Registrations: Tennessee Walking horse association, Spotted Saddle Horse Association, National Spotted Saddle Horse Association, American Spotted Saddle Horse Association, Racking Horse Association. About Oreo: Oreo is truly an amazing horse! When deciding on a stallion show people look for different qualities than pleasure/trail people. I can tell you right now that if you show heavy shod horses you do NOT want to breed to this horse. He has a NATURAL 4 beat gait that is more of a "saddle gait" or rack. His foals gait from the day they walk and are always very level headed and sweet. He has very little overstride and does not forge which happens to a lot of horses that over reach in the back end. His canter is to die for and I can honestly say that having ridden over a hundred gaited horses, he is the smoothest I have ever ridden. Other qualities Oreo passes on to his foals: Besides being level headed, smooth and good natured......Oreo has the most incredible hooves, coat, mane, and tail. He has been called a black and white Friesian and in all actuality he does look like one. His head is very refined, tiny ears, and the thickest curly mane and tail I have ever seen on a Walker. Each foal I have seen carries these same traits. I have raised several myself and they are the easiest to train, clip, groom, and they all end up like lap dogs. So if you are looking for a feisty, competitive show horse...he is not the one for you. If you want a life long companion, smooth riding, loveable, family addition...then Oreo is your man! Oh...one last thing. he is a MOUNTAIN of a horse. Large bone structure, strong legs and neck are also traits of his foals. He has been bred to mares from 14.3 to 16 hands and his foals average around 15.2 even when bred to smaller mares. Dixie, the black and white mare in my folder titled "All the pretty ponies" was 16 hands at 3 years old and her mom was only 14.3 hands. IPEDS: you can look up his name on Ipeds...the only problem with that is the only records you will see are "Walker" records. Being a Spotted saddle horse we all know they never show against Walkers, and all his Spotted Saddle horse or racking horse breedings will not show up on Ipeds. Most of his show records are for the Spotted Saddle horse world and this guy won everything he ever entered. In Florida he is still very well known in the show world even though he retired long ago. Most of the people that remember him frown because they got their horses beat by him.....lol When Oreo did show he was shown Country Pleasure and Model (halter). Country pleasure is for naturally gaited horses and if they wear shoes in the ring they are only store bought regular shoes. In his early years he was a light shod horse and did very well throughout his entire career. I have owned him for 10 years and only showed him twice just to see what it was like. In a local halter class he took grand champion and at the World Championships him and I took 8th out of 28 horses in country Pleasure. Oreo had not shown in many years, I had never shown in my life, we got to the Celebration grounds late and had to run to the ring. It was only 8th but to see him out there with me on him....It is an experience I shall never forget!!! Breeding fee special . Blow is his listed fee for the last few years. It will be reduced to $450 for a short time so book now! You may pay with a credit card if you like. Fees: His breeding fee is $1000 for artificial collection, container and shipping. $500 for live cover with a live foal guarantee. with the economy the way it is I have not bred him in over 3 years. There are too many horses out there already. Tennessee Walkers do not bring much money for breeding fees...never have. I have had people say to me...."I can breed to a "World Champion" for that money. Well what I have to say to that is go ahead. The show world is full of horses that are artificially enhanced, wear heavy shoes, and just because they have a title doesn't mean their foals will be what YOU want. As a prospective client you must decide what YOU want. Breeders generally cater to the show world because show foals bring more money. Show horses generally are bred to be pacey. Not a quality anyone wants for the trail or pleasure world. So again...it matters what you intend to do with the horse. I seldom breed Oreo and when I do it is to carry on his line and to improve the breed. I do not breed just to make money. In fact I have not bred him in over 4 years (with the exception of our Daisy) because of my feelings about the over population of horses already. I have in the past turned many people down so if you are considering Oreo as your foals sire, please be sure it's for the "right" reasons. Sincerely, Drew
    Subcategory:Tennessee Walker
    Ad Type:At Stud
    Name:Oreo the "Color Edition"
    Height:16.2 hands
    Temperament:1 - Calm (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
    Age:21 yrs
    Country:United States of America
    Price:$ 450
    Location:Ormond beach, FL 32174
    Registration details
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