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This Cute Video Of A Foal And Dog Playing Will Make You Smile
Wednesday 15 October 2014

Dogs may be man's best friend, but that doesn't mean they can't have other friends. This is possibly one of the cutest videos we have ever seen, and is g...

These 8 Laws Involving Horses Are Ridiculous!
Tuesday 14 October 2014

Have you been allowing your horses to sleep in a bathtub by themselves? If you live in Bucks Creek, Maryland, then you may have been commiting a crime!

11 Incredible Halloween Dressage Photos That You HAVE to See
Monday 13 October 2014

We're getting very excited about Halloween here at HorseClicks. Dressage dress up can be great fun for everyone throughout the year at Christmas, Easter and many...

Celebrity/Rider News Friday 10 October 2014

Bill Gates, the man behind the technology giant Microsoft, has just completed one of the most expensive property purchases this year in San Diego County. What makes this even more inte...

13 Life Hacks For Horse People
General Equestrian News Thursday 09 October 2014

Life is an extremely complicated activity as it is. When you add a horse into that life, things get a lot more complicated (and expensive). Soon enough, you will fin...

Help the Hampshire Herd! Abandoned Show Horses Need Homes
Horse Welfare News Friday 03 October 2014

Calling all horse lovers! HorseClicks wants to help the Hooved Animal Rescue & Protection Society and Hands & Hooves Rescue to try and rehome seventy-five re...

Horse-powered farming on the rise
Tuesday 23 September 2014
Horse power is on the rise among small-scale farmers, and we don’t mean the size of their tractor engines. In the past mainly associated with amish farmers, horse-farming equipment manufactu...
Horse waits for owner to leave, escapes from halter
Wednesday 17 September 2014
You may have heard of Marista A.K.A Houdini, who famously unlocked her stable and then went on a door unlocking bonanza. However Houdini was just the support act for this horse, who manages t...
10 Horses That Forgot How to Horse
Tuesday 09 September 2014
We all know that horses are very intelligent animals, with their own quirks and personalities. It’s hard work being a horse sometimes. So every now and then they seem to forget, just for a s...
Horses Disappear. Owner Sets Up Camera, You’ll Never Guess What Happens.
Thursday 19 June 2014
Horses Disappear. Owner Sets Up Camera, You’ll Never Guess What Happens. Skip to 2.03 For The Best Bit Misty Meadows Farm is a small family run farm in Midland, Michigan. The own...
Man keeps horse on Balcony, you’ll never guess why
Monday 16 June 2014
Man keeps horse on Balcony, you’ll never guess why A man in Grajewo, Poland trotted a horse through his flat and onto his balcony.   His reason behind this? He was borrow...
Horse put to sleep after injected with Gasoline. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE
Wednesday 11 June 2014
A 17 year old rescue horse in Florida has been put to sleep as somebody injected her with gasoline. Jolean who is a Paso Fino horse, had blood on her shoulder last Monday which was spotted by her ...
Looking after an older horse
General Equestrian News Tuesday 27 May 2014

Looking after an older horse

Man gets too close to stable…watch what happens
General Equestrian News Monday 19 May 2014
A man in Philadelphia got a little too close to comfort at Parx Racing when he was nearly bitten in the face by a horse. The mare clocked the worker as he was too close to the stable, even t...
The Mane Attraction…..Equine Supermodels
General Equestrian News Friday 16 May 2014
Artist Julian Wolkenstein transforms these mares into models. Most hairdressers are used to dealing with all different types of hair but Julian Wolkenstein decided to take it a step further ...
The most unique horse markings. You won't believe the last photo
General Equestrian News Thursday 27 March 2014
We all love our horses. We would do anything for our horses, and our horses are easy to spot. To an outsider, horses just look like normal horses but some you can identify by their unusual marking...
They bought a horse and then a month later this happened…you won’t believe your eyes
General Equestrian News Wednesday 26 March 2014
When you buy a horse it's a very special time. You will automatically have the type of breed you like and the kind of horse you want; the process isn’t easy, it can take a while to find ...
Horseclicks Christmas Photo Contest-WINNER!!
Thursday 02 January 2014
Drum roll please......and the WINNER IS..... Steve Cade from Texas with this adorable submission.  
Oklahoma's Horse Industry Generates $3.6 Billion in 2012
General Equestrian News Monday 02 December 2013

According to the Oklahoma Equine Alliance, the economic impact generated by the Equine Industry in that state reached $3.6 bi...

Indiana Police Investigate Horse Hair Thefts
General Equestrian News Monday 25 November 2013

Indiana law enforcement is investigating a trio of incidents involving horsehair theft.  

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