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Domino Effect Examiner

Domino Effect Rescue Ranch ~ The Truth behind the Rescue
Domino Effect Examiner

Brooksville/Weeki Wachee & Surrounding Areas:

We have a local rescue ranch, the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch, which is quickly becoming well know, but not for the positives we have to offer the community. 

We have been steadily growing, improving, and progressing in the past 2 years.  With all of our efforts to build a respectible establishment, we have had a local rescue and journalist who are steadily harrassing us with slander and neighbors who have joined in to stalk us at our own residence. 

The initial attacks started 6 months ago and have progressed since.  I tried to ignore them hoping they would lose steam, but instead it excellarated to the point where they have accused us of stealing horses, sending horses to slaughter and auction.  It started out petty, but has risen to a much more serious level.  We have been investigated by every local government agency and even had a special visit by Mike Deeson, Channel 10 News sent out to do a story against the ranch.  These allegations were found to be false and I believe Mike Deeson's story fizzled away, as there also was no truth to the tales they had told him to get him out to our place. 

My concern is that these false allegations our spreading like wildfire throughout the horse community and those who don't know us are believing these horrific lies about our ranch.

I started a blog at the begining of March to address each of these false allegations that are being spread against us to include the documentation to support the truth.  It has taken me some time to put this information together, as with running the ranch and my career it leaves me with limited time.  The stats for my blog have done remarkably well, but I'm afraid that I'm reaching those on my Facebook page who already support us.  I'm in search of a way to get our blog out to the public where the horse community can view the truth. 

As a desparate attempt, I'm turning to other resources who may can help me with this situation.  I'm about 13-reports deep with my articles and about half way to the finish line.  I'm hoping you will accept to run my blog in an attempt to help us clear our good name.

Thank you for your time in this matter and I hope you will take the opportunity to check out the articles within the blog.  I really need some outside help in this matter, as I am fighting this on my own.

Dinelle Ashcraft

Domino Effect Rescue Ranch.
"People Helping Animals Helping People"

Robert & Dinelle Ashcraft.
10370 Snowbird Avenue
Weeki Wachee, Florida, 34614
(352) 596-3104




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