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    Giaco's Dapper Dan
    Breed: Hanoverian Secondary Breed: CSHA - Canadian Sport Horse Assn Gender: Stallion Color: Grey Current Height: 17 Age: 2013 Training Level: Leads, Ties, Loads, & Bathes Giaco's Dapper Dan Huge gray colt. Half brother to many that we have had and do have here, for instance, Giaco's Monigue and Giaco's Magic. This fellow is by Hanoverian Stallion Giacomo W and out of 17H Dolce Georgia, by 17H Hanoverian Dol Savirt. Dolce Giorgia is a proven dam to several eventers currently competing in the US. Every one of his ancestors in at least the last two generations has been 17H or taller. This colt can be registered with the CSHA, purchaser pays registration fees. 3/24/14: H U G E C O L T. 3/25/14: HUGE COLT. HUGE COLT. HUGE COLT. I don't even want to speculate other than to say that I have had WB horses here that matured 17.3H and he appears taller and larger at the same age. He came in to the farm in good shape in November, and we have kept him in good shape all through his yearling year, with good grass (we planted a crop of winter rye and put the 2013's on it to harvest it, so they were eating fresh grass through December, we imported high protein alfalfa hay and until the hay supply got scarce in late March, have had them on the best. Even now, they are finishing up some orchard grass that is so green and fragrant, I could probably get away with nesting it in a dinner salad. In addition to all of this, they have had monthly wormings, free choice minerals and we have been packing the grain to them. We are not overfeeding them and they are not fat...but they look good at the end of a winter that has been one of the most challenging ever in terms of keeping horses in condition. I purposely don't post measurements for coming yearling colts...because people just can not process them. There is no text book that tells you that a colt of a certain age, of a certain breed, measuring a certain height, will mature to a certain height...just not possible. The string test done at 2 yrs is accurate. I can tell you this. We breed, and purchase our share of LARGE HORSES...and this is one of the largest. If someone is looking for a tall athletic Warmblood horse and are not satisfied with the height of this colt... I have one peice of advice - go to Germany... I've heard that if you have $150K to put out and another $7K for shipping you can get a WB that is the same size that this fellow will mature to. DAPPER DAN C, 2014 GRINGO27 b. C, 2000 by GALLIPOLI ex ANDREA GLUECKSPILZ dkb/br. C, 1987 by GLUECKSSTERN ex POESIE5 GLUECKSSTERN br. C, 1981 by GARDESTERN ex WIESENFREUDE GARDESTERN gr. C, 1974 by GOTTHARD2 ex ASSYA2 GOTTHARD2 gr. H, 1949 by GOLDFISCH II ex AMPA GOLDFISCH II blk. C, 1935 by GOLDAMMER II ex FLUGAMME GOLDAMMER II dk ch. H, 1919 by GOLDSCHLAEGER I ex ANTILLE FLUGFEUER II b. C, 1921 by FLING3 ex FEILE AMATEUR I gr. C, 1922 by AMULETT II ex ALCANSA ALMJAEGER I dk ch. C, 1930 by ALPENFLUG II ex GOLDAU2 FLUEGELMANN I b. H, 1929 by FLAVIUS ex ALLONIA WENDEKREIS b. C, 1967 by FERDINAND7 ex DOMGOTTIN FERDINAND7 b. C, 1941 by FERRARA6 ex HERZENSKIND FERRARA6 b. H, 1935 by FEINSCHNITT I ex ARLENDA DOMSPATZ2 blk. C, 1952 by DOEMITZ I ex GRAFENHAUS DOEMITZ I br. H, 1944 by DOLLART ex ALEPPO4 WIESENBAUM br. H, 1963 by BIRKHAHN ex WIESENBLUETE BIRKHAHN blk/br. C, 1945 by ALCHIMIST ex BRAMOUSE ALCHIMIST blk. C, 1930 by HEROLD ex AVERSION WIESENBLUETE br. M, 1956 by NECKAR ex WINDSTILLE NECKAR blk. C, 1948 by TICINO ex NIXE WINDSTILLE dkb/br. M, 1949 by AVANTI3 ex WALDRUN EINGLAS b. C, 1958 by ATHOS7 ex FAKI ATHOS7 br. C, 1938 by ALLERHAND ex ANGHRIS PERSER b. C, 1952 by ABENDFRIEDEN ex PECHFACKEL ABENDFRIEDEN b. H, 1934 by FERRO ex ANTONIA FERRO br. H, 1923 by LANDGRAF ex FRAUENLOB LANDGRAF b. H, 1914 by LOUVIERS ex LADORA ANTONIA b. M, 1926 by HEROLD ex ADRESSE HEROLD blk/br. C, 1917 by DARK RONALD ex HORNISSE MIRZA2 b. H, 1935 by BLENHEIM2 ex MUMTAZ MAHAL2 BLENHEIM2 br. H, 1927 by BLANDFORD ex MALVA MUMTAZ MAHAL2 gr. M, 1921 by THE TETRARCH ex LADY JOSEPHINE ABSURD5 ch. C, 1959 by ABGLANZ ex JOHANNISFEST ABGLANZ ch. C, 1943 by TERMIT ex ABENDLUFT2 TERMIT dk ch. C, 1933 by HYPERION4 ex TECHNIK WOEHLER dk ch. H, 1950 by FLUEGELADJUTANT ex FLOZIA FLUEGELADJUTANT b. C, 1938 by FLUEGELMANN I ex ALEXINE2 SENDER ch. C, 1955 by SENATOR6 ex ABENDKLEID SENATOR6 ch. H, 1951 by SEMPER IDEM2 ex ALLERWELTSKLEID SEMPER IDEM2 ch. C, 1934 by DAMPFROSS ex SEMENDRIA2 ALLERWELTSKLEID ch. M, 1947 by ALLJEDER ex DOLMADE3 ABENDSPORT dk ch. H, 1935 by ALKOVEN I ex STIEFMUTTER ALKOVEN I b. H, 1917 by ALDERMAN I ex COSTANE2 DER LOEWE dkb/br. C, 1944 by WAHNFRIED ex LEHNSHERRIN DUFT II br. H, 1958 by DUELLANT ex GOTENSAGE DUELLANT ch. C, 1943 by DOLMAN4 ex FORSTWEIHE DOLMAN4 ch. H, 1933 by DETEKTIV ex AUSSICHT2 DETEKTIV ch. C, 1922 by DESMOND2 ex KALABAKA2 ALDERMAN I ch. C, 1909 by ALNOK ex GERMANNA FLORETT2 br. H, 1923 by FLING3 ex KABUNDA SCHUMANN ch. H, 1911 by SHERIDAN II ex SCHULEMANN MARE FLAVIUS dkb/br. C, 1915 by FLING3 ex AURELIE3 ABHANG I ch. C, 1953 by ABGLANZ ex ANKERHIRTIN HYPERION4 ch. C, 1926 by DAMPFROSS ex HYPOTHESE TECHNIK ch. M, 1922 by TEMPELHUETER ex TAGESKOENIGIN POSEIDON3 ch. C, 1925 by PIRAT2 ex POLANKA ABFAHRT ch. M, 1923 by PIROL ex APPAM2 AXTFELD b. C, 1946 by AXTMANN I ex FELDMARA AXTMANN I br. C, 1939 by AXENSTEIN II2 ex ALTTIER TRAUGOTT br. C, 1968 by TRAUTMANN ex DOERCHEN STERN2 b. C, 1949 by BERGGEIST2 ex SIGNORETTA3 BERGGEIST2 blk. C, 1940 by AVENTIN ex BLAUE DONAU ALTAN ch. C, 1943 by HIRTENSANG ex ALICANTE4 JONKHEER dkb/br. C, 1948 by MAGNAT ex YONNE MAGNAT blk/br. C, 1938 by ASTERUS ex MAFALDA YONNE br. M, 1936 by INDUS ex YENNA TRAUMGEIST blk/br. C, 1953 by GOODY ex TRAUMKIND GOODY blk/br. C, 1942 by ADMIRAL DRAKE ex GOOD BESS ADMIRAL DRAKE br. C, 1931 by CRAIG AN ERAN ex PLUCKY LIEGE CRAIG AN ERAN b. H, 1918 by SUNSTAR ex MAID OF THE MIST PLUCKY LIEGE b. M, 1912 by SPEARMINT ex CONCERTINA9 TEDDY b. H, 1913 by AJAX ex RONDEAU DUDEN II ch. H, 1960 by DUELLANT ex LOEWENART VOLLKORN dkb/br. C, 1961 by NECKAR ex VOGELWARTE TICINO b. H, 1939 by ATHANASIUS ex TERRA ATHANASIUS br. H, 1931 by FERRO ex ATHANASIE LOUVIERS br. C, 1906 by ISINGLASS ex ST. LOUVAINE LALAND b. C, 1917 by FELS ex LADYLAND FELS br. C, 1903 by HANNIBAL ex FESTA ADITI b. C, 1922 by DARK RONALD ex AVERSION DARK RONALD blk/br. H, 1905 by BAY RONALD ex DARKIE BAY RONALD b. H, 1893 by HAMPTON ex BLACK DUCHESS AVERSION blk/br. F, 1914 by NUAGE ex ANTWORT NUAGE b. H, 1907 by SIMONIAN ex NEPHTE ANTWORT b. F, 1907 by ARD PATRICK ex ALVEOLE ROBERT LE DIABLE b. H, 1899 by AYRSHIRE ex ROSE BAY AYRSHIRE br. H, 1885 by HAMPTON ex ATALANTA2 ST MACLOU b. H, 1898 by ST SIMON ex MIMI ARJAMAN blk/br. C, 1930 by HEROLD ex ADITJA HORNISSE blk/br. M, 1908 by ARD PATRICK ex HORTENSIA3 ARD PATRICK br. C, 1899 by ST. FLORIAN2 ex MORGANETTE ADITJA blk. F, 1925 by FERVOR ex AVERSION FERVOR blk/br. C, 1906 by GALTEE MORE ex FESTA FESTA br. M, 1893 by ST SIMON ex LABESSE DE JOUARRE GRAF FERRY b. H, 1918 by FERVOR ex GRAVE AND GAY NELLA DA GUBBIO ch. F, 1924 by GRAND PARADE ex NERA DI BICCI GRAND PARADE blk. H, 1916 by ORBY ex GRAND GERALDINE ORBY ch. H, 1904 by ORME ex RHODA B TRACERY br. H, 1909 by ROCK SAND ex TOPIARY AJAX b. C, 1901 by FLYING FOX ex AMIE FLYING FOX b. H, 1896 by ORME ex VAMPIRE AMIE ch. M, 1893 by CLAMART ex ALICE RONDEAU b. M, 1900 by BAY RONALD ex DOREMI CYLLENE ch. H, 1895 by BONA VISTA ex ARCADIA PERGOLESE br. C, 1914 by FESTINO ex PERFECT LOVE3 FESTINO br. C, 1902 by AYRSHIRE ex FESTA PRUNUS b. H, 1915 by DARK RONALD ex POMEGRANATE PERSIMMON b. H, 1893 by ST SIMON ex PERDITA2 WILLIAM THE THIRD b. C, 1898 by ST. SIMON ex GRAVITY HENRY OF NAVARRE ch. H, 1891 by KNIGHT OF ELLERSLIE ex MOSS ROSE DOLCE GEORGIA gr. M, 2002 by DOL SAVIRT ex REBA34 DOL SAVIRT w. H, 1983 by DOMINO10 ex GLENDA DOMINO10 dkb/br. C, 1976 by DOMSPATZ2 ex AXELLA DOLLART b. H, 1938 by DOLMAN4 ex FLOTTENAUSLAUF FLING3 br. H, 1911 by FLINGARTH ex KILBE LORLOT2 br. H, 1902 by LORVAL ex MARE BY WILROD ALTHEO blk. C, 1904 by ALNOK ex THEORBE GRAF2 ch. C, 1941 by GOLDFISCH II ex FLUSSPAT FLUGFEUER I . C, 1920 by FLING3 ex FEILE FEINER KERL2 b. H, 1919 by FLING3 ex KEBANSA FLINGARTH br. H, 1906 by FLENHEIM ex KIMBALE KIRKLAND3 b. H, 1904 by KING9 ex NORDLAND MARE NELUSKO2 ch. C, 1897 by NECKAR2 ex FINETTE4 ARCHIMEDES2 ch. H, 1963 by ABGLANZ ex WELFENFREUDE DAMPFROSS dk ch. C, 1916 by DINGO2 ex LAURA43 TEMPELHUETER dkb/br. C, 1904 by PERFECTIONIST ex TEICHROSE PIRAT2 dk ch. C, 1914 by TEMPELHUETER ex PAULA8 AST ch. C, 1934 by ALTER DESSAUER ex ADAKILLA GOLDFALK ch. C, 1958 by GRANDE ex FUSION19 GRANDE dk ch. C, 1958 by GRAF2 ex DUELLFEST DUELLFEST ch. M, 1954 by DUELLANT ex FOERSTERFARM LUCKY BOY br. H, 1966 by COMPROMISE4 ex SEJANE COMPROMISE4 br. H, 1954 by NEARCO ex IDEALIST4 NEARCO br. H, 1935 by PHAROS ex NOGARA PHAROS br. H, 1920 by PHALARIS ex SCAPA FLOW PHALARIS br. H, 1913 by POLYMELUS ex BROMUS SCAPA FLOW ch. M, 1914 by CHAUCER ex ANCHORA NOGARA b. M, 1928 by HAVRESAC2 ex CATNIP HAVRESAC2 br. H, 1915 by RABELAIS ex HORS CONCOURS2 OWEN TUDOR br. H, 1938 by HYPERION ex MARY TUDOR HYPERION ch. H, 1930 by GAINSBOROUGH ex SELENE MARY TUDOR b. M, 1931 by PHAROS ex ANNA BOLENA GOLD BRIDGE ch. H, 1929 by GOLDEN BOSS ex FLYING DIADEM NORSEMAN b. H, 1940 by UMIDWAR ex TARA UMIDWAR b. H, 1931 by BLANDFORD ex UGANDA KSAR ch. H, 1918 by BRULEUR ex KIZIL KOURGAN SINAEDA dkb/br. H, 1955 by CAMILLUS2 ex MORGENSTER6 This horse was added to our catalog on Friday 17 January, 2014.
    Ad Type:For Sale
    Name:Giaco's Dapper Dan
    Age:1 yr 9 mths
    Country:United States of America
    Registration details
    we're sorry, this ad is no longer available.
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