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8 tips for safely buying a horse
How to - General Equine Advice Thursday 18 September 2014
Buying a horse can be a lengthy, sometimes risky process. You may fall in love with a horse at first sight and then buy it without fully researching the horse's history and temperament. We hav...
How To Book The Perfect Riding Holiday
How to - General Equine Advice Monday 28 April 2014
If you're thinking of heading west and booking a ranch stay in North America, riding holiday specialist Ranch Rider has drawn up a list of travel tips to make sure its the holiday of a lifetim...
How to - General Equine Advice Wednesday 06 November 2013
Today, someone on Facebook posted a link shared on my page. The link, 10-reasons-your-teenage-daughter-should-own-a-horse is so emotional for me as a former teenage girl in love with horses and as...
Horseback Riding in a Governent Shutdown: Where You Can and Can't Go
How to - General Equine Advice Monday 07 October 2013

The current government shutdown means national parks, some zoos and museums, and all non-essential government agencies are cu...

10 Great Trails to Ride in the United States
How to - General Equine Advice Tuesday 03 September 2013

Every state boasts horse trails that promise beautiful views and challenging terrain. These are our pic...

Lightning Strike Smarts for Horse Owners
How to - General Equine Advice Friday 16 August 2013
Lightning can strike during any time of the year, leaving unaware riders and their horses at risk. Follow these suggestions to ensure you and your horse stay out of harms way.  Lightnin...
How to - General Equine Advice Tuesday 16 July 2013
Before you add or replace fencing on your horse property, get familiar with the pros, cons, and costs of your many choices in materials. Photo by David Classen/iStockPho...
An Owners Guide to Loaning a Horse
I recently made a guide for advice on renting/loaning a horse. It seems logical to now write a guide from an owner's perspective and offer useful tips and help. For the owner loaning a ho...
How to - General Equine Advice Tuesday 07 May 2013
Master Saddle Deborah Witty explains seven saddle-fit points so you can become an informed consumer.

Advertising Stallions at Stud
How to - General Equine Advice Tuesday 15 January 2013
Breeding season typically starts in February for horses and continues through until July. So you want to start advertising your stallions as studs now ready for next month! Here are some top tips ...
Top 10 Presents for Horse Lovers
How to - General Equine Advice Monday 10 December 2012
Presumably your friend either owns a horse or horse rides, however there are presents in this list that could be for those who ride or those who simply admire. Depending on your relationship and b...
Top 5 Presents for Horses
How to - General Equine Advice Tuesday 04 December 2012
We have picked the best 5 presents that we think your horse will enjoy. They vary in price and size to cater for everyone’s needs, however each is a special as the next. All these gifts ment...
The Correct Terminology: Age/gender
How to - General Equine Advice Tuesday 27 November 2012
There are many different names for each type of horse which you may not be familiar with. We don’t mean the breed, but the names for whether it is an adult female, or a baby male. You will s...
Halloween Hints and Tips
How to - General Equine Advice Friday 26 October 2012
The purpose of this article is to give you an overview of the best layouts of decorations and costumes that will never get old. If you worry about spending money on Halloween decorations every yea...
Finding Cheap Horses For Sale
How to - General Equine Advice Monday 08 October 2012
Do you want to buy a horse but feel like your funds won't stretch that far? Buying a horse is a big decision because the price to get a good breed can be extorsionate. This is heartbreaking as...
Why Register?
How to - General Equine Advice Friday 20 January 2012
There are so many horses out there; some with papers, some without.  When you look them over, it is impossible to tell at a glance which ones are in fact papered, and which are not.  Ind...
Why Keep a Stallion?
How to - General Equine Advice Friday 20 January 2012
It’s something many young boys and girls dream of – owning a beautiful stallion and riding him off into the sunset, or into competition, or even into battle.  Stallions are the su...
Why do you Need a Big Horse?
How to - General Equine Advice Friday 20 January 2012
Horses come in all shapes and sizes, as do people.  But why is it that so many riders seem to want big horses?  It seems that anything under 16hh, but over pony sized has little to no ma...
When Can I Breed Her?
How to - General Equine Advice Friday 20 January 2012
So, you have a filly, and want to breed her some day.  Or maybe you have an older maiden mare, and want to know if it is okay to give breeding a try.  There is lots to consider when deci...
What to Look for When Buying a Foal
How to - General Equine Advice Friday 20 January 2012
If you have ever considered buying a foal, you will understand the difficulty that many riders face when trying to assess a baby.  Young horses are certainly cute, but they don’t look a...
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