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    Freeform Western 15.5" Treeless Saddle, Adjustable Seat
    This Italian-made high quality saddle is in near perfect condition, as I've only ridden in it about six times. But as life would have it, we're moving our family over 2,500 miles away this spring & have to sell EVERYTHING, even my beloved "forever" saddle. My tragic loss is your gain! It is THE most amazing, comfy saddle EVER--for both horse and rider! I've ridden four different horses in it, from mutton to monster withers and it was just excellent on all four, with great wither clearance (even for 'ole shark fin there). In the chilly late fall here in Western Canada I did a 5 mile cattle drive on a friend's very jiggy gelding and felt completely balanced, safe and secure the whole way. Not only that, but I was toasty warm from the horse's body heat emanating up (while the cowboys shivered away :-), and my knees felt great at the end of it all! Can't say I've EVER felt that on a treed saddle before! All four horses that I've ridden in it have responded amazingly, their shoulders really freed up nicely to move out and into lovely extended trots. My one QH gelding always rode rather "vertically" in a treed sadde, and the minute I put the treeless on him, he stretched out and was beautifully forward moving with a delightful "let's go!" attitude. This alone sold me right there! Fabulous notable features of the Freeform: 1. Adjustable cantle to accommodate a bigger or smaller riders (genius!) 2. The fenders and adjustable fender attachment allow you to set your individual leg position thus providing improved balance and close contact. 3. Y-rigging spreads the pressure of the cinch over the entire saddle 4. Interchangeable fork for different-sized horses (notice the zipper on the pommel). The one I chose was full QH size, but you can get wider if you have a draft, or narrower if you have an Arabian. 5. The skirt is cut back in the wither area for superior comfort. Overall length of saddle is 24". 6. The skirt is lined with Western wool with neoprene filler and conforms to your horse's unique shape, adjusting perfectly to the back of the horse and to the build of the rider. 7. The double padded Comfyâ„¢ seat ensures your riding pleasure all day long! 8. Wonderfully lightweight, weighing only 17.5 lbs with the stirrups and full leather fenders. Please note that I won't sell this saddle without the Equipedic pad. The key to your horse's comfort when being ridden in a treeless, is a quality pad that protects it's spine and back properly. Too many people go cheap on the pad and then mistakenly bash treeless saddles if their horses get sore. This pad is specially suited to this saddle and is fantastic. The padded breast collar is also really good to have, especially for extended rides. It just keeps everything nicely in place as it should be. I also love the Barefoot aluminum stirrups--great traction and cushioning for your feet and legs. This is a top-of-the-line saddle and worth every penny & more. Your horse will thank you for it. Once you've ridden in a treeless, neither you nor your horse will ever want to go back to an unforgiving tree. You won't find a better deal anywhere for such a high end saddle in mint condition with all the necessary accessories (the only treeless saddle that's remotely comparable to this in craftsmanship and materials is the Ansur, and those start at $4,000+! And even then, I still like the Freeform more.) This auction listing sells as a complete ready-to-ride package with: 1. Freeform Western Barrel SN Saddle burg/blk w/custom tooling 2. Equipedic Western Trail Endurance Pad 3. Barefoot Leather Padded Breastplate 4. Barefoot Aluminum Stirrups 5. 28" Weaver Mohair 27-Strand Roper Smart Cinch (note: this length fits ALL horses--longer is not better for your horse!) DID YOU KNOW? Over the past several years, Freeform Treeless has been the preferred saddles used by the winning riders of The Tevis Cup 100-Miles-One-Day Trail Ride. Inside scoop: this whole rig was purchased for over $3,440 new (incl. shipping). So you're getting basically a brand new saddle with all the necessary accessories at a savings of over $640! And it looks just as stellar today as the day I opened the box. Check it all out on ActionRiderTack.com (Weaver cinch purchased via Chicksaddlery.com)
    Price:C$ 2,800
    Location:Tramping Lake, SK S0K 4H0
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