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Learn tips and advice on How to ride a horse, how to care for your horse plus read horse training tips and get general information and advice from horse experts and top riders!

Prepare your Horses for Winter
How to - Care Monday 04 November 2013

Winter is fast approaching, which means that now is the perfect time to prepare your horses for the tough months ahea...

How to - Care Monday 22 July 2013
Keep your horse cool and hydrated this summer with these expert tips. Beating the heat involves water — both on the inside of your horse via drinking and on the ou...
Tour Your Horse's Teeth
How to - Care Tuesday 23 April 2013
Learn about your horse's teeth and what makes them uniquely suited to the fibrous equine diet.

Things to Remember When Buying Your First Thoroughbred Horse
How to - Care Monday 25 March 2013
Thoroughbred horses are one of the most majestic and respected animals in the world. They hold a certain fascination for children and adults alike. While the young may marvel at the unrivaled stre...
What to Feed Your Horse in the Winter
How to - Care Thursday 20 December 2012
Calorie intake must be increased during the winter, due to the cold weather. Your horse will need more energy to keep warm. But you need to make sure that you up the number of calories in the corr...
Thanksgiving Hack
How to - Care Monday 19 November 2012
Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, a time for food and for family. But due to the vast volumes of food you will need some exercise: a walk after lunch, or some active games, or how about arran...
How to Care for Horse's in Winter
How to - Care Wednesday 31 October 2012

Summer care and winter care for your horse will change slig...

Mane and Tail Maintenance
How to - Care Wednesday 17 October 2012
The mane and tail of a horse has many purposes. It can not only help to make the horse look more aesthetically pleasing, but they also have more useful, individual purposes. The tail is thought to...
Autumn Feeding
How to - Care Wednesday 03 October 2012
Now is usually the time when you want to prepare to change your horse’s diet. The weather is progressively getting colder and we are heading towards winter. You need to aim to maintain the h...
Treating Tapeworms This Autumn!
How to - Care Monday 01 October 2012
  Autumn time is here again, so don’t get distracted by the beautiful landscapes because you need to protect your horse against tapeworm. Tapeworm has affected over 50% of t...
What’s in a Walk
How to - Care Friday 20 January 2012
While it may seem simple, the walk is an important gait that can tell you a great deal about your horse’s overall capabilities as a performance animal.  With four even beats, a good wal...
What a Should a Weanling Know?
How to - Care Friday 20 January 2012
When you wean your foal, he should already know how to lead.  He should have the basics of being groomed in his stall, and should have been introduced to the vet and farrier.  But what m...
What Every Good Rescue Should Provide
How to - Care Friday 20 January 2012
As we know there are many rescues in operation, both good and bad.  It can be difficult to know whether a rescue is suitable for placing your older or unsound horse.  By following these ...
How to Pull a Mane
How to - Care Thursday 19 January 2012
While a long, flowing mane is beautiful, for many riders it is more of a hassle that it is worth.  Often showing a horse requires a pulled mane.  Others prefer the look of a trim, tidy m...
How to Groom
How to - Care Thursday 19 January 2012
While it might seem that grooming a horse is purely cosmetic, it is in fact an important part of your horse’s care.  By caring for your horse’s coat, you not only make him look be...
How to Braid a Tail
How to - Care Thursday 19 January 2012
Once you have the hang of braiding the mane, you might want to learn how to braid a tail.  A well-braided tail can be the perfect way to set off well-developed hindquarters.  If your hor...
How to Braid a Forelock
How to - Care Thursday 19 January 2012
It is not uncommon to see horses at shows sporting messy forelock braids that are bumped up like the braids along their manes.  Not only do these braids look terrible, they are the sure sign ...
Grooming Basics
How to - Care Thursday 19 January 2012
One of the nicest ways to bond with your horse is to spend time grooming him.  While sometimes it is ok to just give your horse a quick dust-off before you ride, every so often you should spe...
Games to Play with Your Horse
How to - Care Thursday 19 January 2012
While riding is great fun, many horse owners would love to have other games that they can play with their horse.  Here are some great ideas for having fun with your equine friend. Free...
First Impressions Count
How to - Care Thursday 19 January 2012
When a client is coming out to look at a horse that is for sale, it is very important to make a good first impression.  Often the first impression is what makes or breaks a sale. Befor...
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