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How Much Weight Can a Horse Carry?
How Much Weight Can a Horse Carry?
Today it is difficult to fathom outside of a rare few draft horse pulling competitions just how strong horses really are, and how much they can carry - unless you are of course one of the lucky few to have seen horses pull your car, tractor, or even semi out of a ditch or snowbank. Just how strong are horses? How much weight can a horse carry? An answer that varies greatly by breed and circumstances, it is something we can all learn a little bit more about before hopping on the back of your boss's Shetland pony.   200 years ago
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New Mexico Succeed In Fight To End Horse Slaughter
New Mexico Succeed In Fight To End Horse Slaughter
  The order made by the state district judge in Santa FE has abolished plans in New Mexico for the slaughter of horses for human consumption. Front Range Equine Rescue and the state sued Valley Meat Company in 2013 over its plan to convert its cattle processing to butchering horses and sell the meat abroad.   An animal rights lawyer, who represented Front Range Equine Rescue, stated the order will block horse meat production in the state. "The parties agreed to end the case because Valley Meat agreed to a permanent order from the court which prohibits it from ever slaughtering horses or
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